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Hello guys! i just get thiz email.. so... i wanna share to all designers out there..to join the competition...GUD LUCK to all!
From the Makers of Coroflot
Core77 Design Awards
Deadline May 3, 2011

Core77 Design Awards Invitational Invites
Call For Entries - A Reminder!
Just one last email to let you know that there are only two weeks left to enter your top work from 2010 into the Core77 Design Awards! May 3rd is the deadline, so it is best to register now and get started!

If you enter, you will be participating in a design awards like no other – one that is more inclusive, transparent, and celebratory. Here are 5 unique elements to the Core77 Design Awards Program:

1. New Categories – With innovative categories such as “DIY” and “Never Seen the Light of Day” (projects completed but killed in 2010), this competition truly reflects what is happening in the wider industry and offers more opportunities to ennoble design enterprise in all forms. http://awards.core77.com/categories.html

2. Video Testimonials – In addition to the usual entry criteria, you get to tell the “real story” behind your design and why it should win in a direct and personal by submitting a short video. Easy to make – it can be as simple as low-tech, look-into-the-webcam recordings – the video lets you get across to the judges what text and jpegs can’t. http://awards.core77.com/make_video.html

3. Global-Local Judging – We’ve distributed the judging around the world from Palo Alto to Ahmedabad. With 15 juries comprising an all-star line-up of experts based in 13 cities, this unique judging process combines global perspective and local expertise. http://awards.core77.com/jury.html

4. Live Web Broadcasts – Winners will be announced by each jury located around the world live on the web so you and your team can watch the results as they come in and hear from the jurors themselves the rationale behind their choices. http://awards.core77.com/about.html

5. A Trophy That Celebrates Teamwork – Design team Rich, Brilliant, Willing are creating the inaugural trophy with generosity in mind. Winners can flex their creative muscles by casting their own award in a material of their choice and can share the accolades by creating multiples for their team and contributors. http://www.richbrilliantwilling.com/

The top professional and student entries will win the inaugural trophy, and the Winners, Runners Up, and Notable entries will be published in the Awards Gallery and across the Core77 online network. So visit the site, learn about the unique features of the award program, and enter your best work by May 3.

» awards.core77.com
Your Help Is Appreciated
This is their first year and they'd appreciate help with getting the word out. Please pass along the news to friends and colleagues! Thanks!!

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