::Two Soul,One voice:: part ONE

::at the above, the original picture snap by me :)yeah..as usual.. just a simple snap using D60..with F number 5.6 and exposure 1/320sec.. I just used Iso 200 coz of bright weather:)::
::THEN....here is the EDITED version... just a simple from my touch... i add some details n lighting with greenish aura:)........::

So,here the poems.... behind the picture....
::Two Souls, One Voice::

although two souls are meeting
there is but one voice
capturing the moment
captivating and controlling
the thoughts, actions, words
leading the way for conscious
desire and decisive emotion

stories and daily goings- on
are frequently passed
between the one voice
and the intermixed beings
creating a warm happiness
a sense of belonging
an aura of completeness
a comfortable existence

time, a distant memory
fading in and fading out,
its power and autonomy fall
on blissfully ignorant,
yet distinctly aware,
ears - focused and true

with the quantity
of well spent hours
adding up and summarizing
the feelings and beliefs
shared and opposed,
comes an ability
to confide and uphold
moments, eternities
abundant with understanding...........
HERE the original one..just using COMPACT "Canon PowerShot A3000 IS" with f/2.5 and 1/320sec... and as usual... ISO 400..... the quality is similar... but the pixel still lower than using SLR...
 and this is EDITED one..chill
credit to talent: khairul nizar & farezza daud
location: Putrajaya
photo/edit: velove shieffa

Thanks for viewing....


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