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Fashion Trend 2011: Color Blocking

Hello AGAIN!! Tonight, I rather share about interesting things........about color...yeah:)
1st of all...trillion thanks to MR. GOOGLE as my source for all stunning images..:)

In 2011, the color blocking trend is in now in full force. Both garments and accessories are being rendered with stacks of bright, bold color. Like the rest of the fashion palette this year, the trend has been dominated by shades of orange, which are most often blocked with creams, and soft neutrals.

Though the trend is most obvious when exhibited with bright colors, neutrals are getting blocked as well. Certain of them, seem to be hangovers from the minimalist trend that favored muted tones. However it is, from the pictures, I've seen even they use the color block, but then.. they still care bout the details of the fabrics, cutting, and design.. All twists together and make all perfect look!!!
Next is more focus on ACCESSORIES... what happened if we put Accessories to this group of trend.. Here the result...

Nowadays... All stuffs we can get everywhere in any stores... Just have to take time to choose the Awesome one... Make sure, the color that you want to mix have to match for best looks!

Another part of clothing.... this trend also spread to makeup stuffs and interior furniture... But still the overall stunning win to the fashion side.. Here the makeup style follow this trend...

Compare to INTERIOR parts...this is the examples for this trend....
From the picture, I've seen, the space maybe dull and simple, far from modern... but the way they adapt color on their furniture really outstanding... Thus, directly give the best impact for this trend.. 

However it is...For interior design background like me....I am absolutely really love colors! And that is no issues if color blocking is definitely be a 2011 trend and at the same time a little bit inspired me more and I willing to try this.... 

Confident is the key:)
Source: pictures from google.. :)

I thinks that all for tonight:)
Will be blogging tmrw..


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