::The memory of my dear Father......Almarhum Abdullah.........::

The memory of my dear Father...Today Is "Fathers Day", So, I dedicate this lovely poem to him......

Emotions, hard to describe
Yet you always knew, how I felt inside
Our minds alike, head strong and persistent
Yet you'd always lend a ear to listen

Your words may be few, but very wise
And between you and me, there were never lies
You say,life is what it is, live it to the fullest
You've only got one shot, no second chances

And when death comes knocking,
You accept, not fearing
My time has come, you say
and yours, well, your life has just begun

When I think of future events,
And how I long for your presence
I believe in your love
And know that you're watching from above...

"Happy Father's Day to my beloved late dad, Hj. Abdullah".
 ::Picture of my mom, dad(at the right) & his friend::

Delightful and loving,
Loved and admired,
Dad, you're my hero,
My life you've inspired. And when all my blessings
Are counted each day,
I thank God in heaven
For Dad when I pray. Dad thanks for your presence
Throughout thick and thin;
You're more than a parent,
You're my wonderful friend....

 ::Picture of me when I was kid::

His soul strengthens mine,
His smile encourages everyone
He is my number one fan,
A great father and only one
He is far from us 
His presence is always with me..
And he always reminds me
To be a good girl and prioritize my study
His personality is strong,
Yet full of life.
With authority, courage and love
He is a good husband and a good father,
A good son and a friend ..
I am proud to bear his name,
To have his blood...
And to be his child...

I love you my only dad...
Almarhum Abdullah...
May Allah bless u.....
-Al fatihah-

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