Today I've done my editing and wait for printing tomorrow :)

Best wishes from
Velovegraphy Design & Photography
May your engagement be the beginning
of a lifetime filled with special
love and happiness.

 .:Total 21 pages, every pages with different design,
however,here I wanna share a few pages:.
Please note that all photography is copyrighted to VeloveShieffa| Photography and the pictures and can only be used with strict permission from VeloveShieffa| Photography. It is not allowed to download, to store, to copy, to reproduce, to use or to modify the images in any way, alone or in any other contact, without an advance written permission of VeloveShieffa| Photography.Any attempt to tarnish both the photographer and artist's reputation or infringement of rights will bear legal action in court. 
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  1. Beautiful sayang!!! Keep it up.. tak sabar nak tengok full version

  2. wahh, sukanya...nanti upload lagi ye... =)

  3. thnks korg! vee xleh up lebih2..nnti client marah..haha..just joke...hmm...wait n see ya:) tq


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