.:Hijabistas Inspires Contest:.

Salam....Hello gorgeous hijabbers!!! Danea Rosse Design would like to invite u guys to share ur hijab style to be as an inspirational for other hijabbers...'ANY' kind of style u may show us!!!..And send your picture with 'description' included your 'fb link' and do not forget 'name your style' at danearossedesign@yahoo.com :)We are really appreciate for sharing your style...
We expand the 'Hijab inspiration' project idea become the contest!!! and Danea Rosse Design & Creatives already decided to open our contest until 22hb August ni untuk penghantaran gmbar:) ...Terbuka kepada semua...THEN afta 22hb until 2 weeks afta raya tu...we will open for voted for all!!! The 3 highest voted will get our latest collection and free conceptual muslimah photoshoot yang harganya bernilai RM350 from Velovegraphy by her schedule afta we already know the winner!!! :) 
♥♥Do Join our contest NOW...the contest will end until 22th August, 2011♥♥
sila sebar2kan kepada hijabbers sekalian :) TQ ...

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