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 Salam n nite readers..... alhamdullilah last week was 'Awesome' coz just graduated from my deg levl... n busy starting a new career as a interior consultant... lots of thngs happend.. n really learn more from da side of life.... 

So far, alhmdllh..my workmates smua ok2 but da some reason yg make me so tired coz evryday i hv to stay till 9..n plus no off at weekend... now i realize ,career as a consultant is a little bit diff dr segi masa..coz.. mostly, we will meet da client in da our place or sometimes hv to go visit to their house..n...ofcoz weekend is da suitable time for them to meet n mybe need my services for some concept.. n one more thng... from my observation.. i learn many terms in fabrications n starting to rmbber all of types n material! n smuanya new & fun for me:) i can't play around coz i already given da task to finish certain scope of work .... n one thngs..secara tak lgsung..i hv to run da biz more properly..deal with several level of people with diff background n status... n some of them show their true color..but i dun care..n i treat them equally same...i dun like to take granted..i just gv the best from wht i can help n propose sumthg tht regarding their budget n idea... apa2pun... i love my new job.. plus... regarding on da photography..i stll run da biz regarding on da client demand only.....coz i prefer to reduce the quantity of booking...just 2 event for a month.. if anyone wanna book me for some special event, do contact me 2 month earlier coz..i hv to fix and set my off day....n email me ur contact num or email addrss so i can gv u da good quotation:)

♥ i hope everthg will be ok afta thz..amin:)

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