.:It's NOVEMBER!!!:.

Assalamualaikum Gorgeous!
It's almost Hijabi Fashion Week, and they want YOU to join them!

 Hijabi Fashion Week is a Semi-annual (twice a year) event, for sisters
to share style inspiration all in one place!
Mark your calenders for this event, whether you want to participate or just watch!
To participate, all you have to do is create an outfit for the theme of the day (see below) and either post it on your blog/tumblr and link it to each day's post, OR tag them in a Facebook Album!

They also have many wonderful giveaways throughout the week. 
Giveaway Sponsors will be announced  November 21st! :)

Here are the Themes for each day, so start snapping those pictures:
(take note!!) 

Day 1 -- Leaders in Hijab
what leadership roles do you have or want to try? (President, teacher, mother, Volunteer Leader, CEO etc.). 
Day 2 -- Hobby/Recreation
What do you do when you have free time? (hike, sail, write, paint, etc.)
Day 3 -- Vacation/Destination:
 Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?
Day 4 -- On the Run
Either you're super busy or you're super late; what's comfortable and easy to throw on, before running out the door? 
Day 5 -- Eid & Formal
It's Friday! Dress up! What did you wear for Eid? What do you wear to formal events/parties?
Day 6 -- Date Night
Yesterday you dressed up for you, today dress up for your man! What do you wear when going out with your (future) husband?
Day 7 -- Out with Friends
Finish off the week by hanging out with friends! Where do you usually go? What do you usually do?

We will post specific directions on how to participate in HFW and the giveaways and other details, in upcoming weeks. For now, all you need to do is think about your outfits and take photos if you're ready! 
p/s: Please do not post HFW photos on Facebook until November 28, 2011. Thank You!

Go ahead and download these invites! Send them to your friends or post them up on your blog & Facebook! Or, make your own and show us your creativity! :)

<credits to www.lovehfw.com>

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