'W'... suit to my niche!! :)

Salam reader.... finally I found the best smart-phone that suit to my niche... Disebabkan vee ni bukan penggemar gadget..just using the phone for personal call or sms from client.. (boringkan) but... disebabkan bad thng hppnd to me.. n i really sad n mad of tht ..my phone hilang..n i lost all contacts! i really sad regarding on tht.. n few friends gv the idea to hv a smartphone n kebetulan.. vee mmg gila psp aka games bila free dlm train or b4 sleep sure main game.. vee mmg prefer to buy galaxy w.. knp vee x amik galaxy s? becoz...setelah 10x comparekan smua phone in my list.. the best is galaxy w.. the spect same mcm galaxy note(my dream one juga) hehe.. but..size berbeza...... n note ada function pen ajaib tu :) n.. one reason.. why i xamik iphone..sbb i will buy the ipad for design purpose... thts y.. i pilih thz type :) n... rasa lega..bila thz item sudah diorder.. n.. in WHITE color.. :) really exCited.. bcoz.. they're android:) n vee boleh berblogging direct em :)

yeahaaa..Say yes to ANDROID :)


From now on, any new Galaxy handset will bear one of these five letters:
  • S (Super Smart) – obviously, as the already-available Galaxy S i9000 and S II i9100 suggest, these will be Sammy’s top of the line Android handsets. Only flagship devices will be S-branded
  • R (Royal or Refined) – still high-end devices, but not as good as the S ones. “A combination of power, performance and productivity for the individual who wants to be defined by the technology they carry”
  • W (Wonder) – “high quality, strategic models, perfect for those seeking a balance between style and performance”
  • M – (Magical) – these should be “high-performance” phones “at an economic price-point”
  • Y – (Young) – cheap devices for teens or emerging markets
Other designations that will appear in official names:
  • “Pro” – QWERTY-equipped smartphone
  • “Plus” – “an upgrade from an existing model”
  • “LTE” – we all know what this means
To celebrate the new naming scheme, Samsung has unveiled no less than four new Android smartphones: Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro.

The Galaxy W comes with a 3.7 inch WVGA display, 1.4GHz single-core processor, 5MP autofocus camera, and HSPA+ (14Mbps) connectivity.

 Finally, i knw the meaning of 'w' -wonder...which is “high quality, strategic models, perfect for those seeking a balance between style and performance”...

Samsung Galaxy Y has a smallish 3-inch QVGA display, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Buetooth 3.0, 2MP camera, and an 832Mhz processor.

The Galaxy M Pro and Galaxy Y Pro are QWERTY candybars with landscape displays. Both feature Wi-Fi, but the M Pro has higher specs, including a 1GHz processor and a 5MP camera.

All four new Galaxy handsets run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Samsung didn’t say when exactly they will become available, but “pretty soon” is probably a good guess.


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