H.F.W Day1

-Behind the humble lens of the real life leading the thousand word to save the world, Insyallah-

Women have made significant contributions to photography since its inception. I hope, one day people recognize me with my photography’s artworks besides designing as my main focus.. However, becoming a great photographer requires sacrifice and high creativity. For hijabi like me, I would like to prove that not only the men conquer in this field. Because for me, I often look to the best of the best for inspiration. What always seems to be true  no matter who we are , we all come from different backgrounds, different trainings, different interests and experiences that will ultimately shape our style of work.


“I trained myself to not only become a designer but a designer with a cause. To design something not just because to make something beautiful but meaningful as well….”


.:Leader in Hijab:.

-Here the result-

To represent today's theme, I am wearing the light peach turban style in the inner part of my hijabb and cover with leopard asymmetrical pattern shawl for outer part,with inner shirt in peach color cover with sleeveless blouse in light yellow chiffon material , and another vintage blouse in light brown. For this time I replace the belt with black ribbon as an accessories besides my favorite necklace and bracelet. Plus wearing pants in khaki color with black heels wedgies.. 

As an interior design graduated, at the same time as a freelance photographer, for me, the simple look is much better but the ranges of color choices as a main factor plus the types of fabric and accessories that want to mix with the pants and blouse to become one piece :)  

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-Thanks for viewing- 


  1. Love your hijab and love your jacket~! :)

  2. I like the way you wear your hijabb, and the heels are really awesome!

  3. Love the colours gorjuz!!!


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