Wednesday, 09.30am

Designer Journal................
by Velove shieffa
Time 09.30am
Location: ICI office, Petaling Jaya

"Experience is a great teacher"

The 2nd Interview with ICI Dulux was really challenging and Alhamdullilah, everything was really comfortable with design topics. "haha"......i was laughing to my self because I have no idea for my own favorite color for my own house. Actually i wanna selected  the earth color and more to natural color. because I'm not expect they would ask me for that simple question...and make me speechless for 2 seconds :I Finally, i choose the purple with lavender touch for my best selection..... sighhhh .......

However it is.... so far,  I've lots of the best experience after met with several international CEO from few design firm for past 6 month since i put my self in 'freelance' line and 'job seekers' that really suitable with my majoring in interior design...........

I've learned that  "Experience is a great teacher".........i will never ever loss my confident and be so down to myself when I have to work from the beginning level even I'm degree holder...because for me...Every big thing started small.Just Be honest in every little thing you do, & Allah will entrust more bigger things to you.

May Allah bless all  we did ...amin♥

regards, vee

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