.:Behind the SCENE:.

.:Behind the SCENE exclusive:. hehe

Salam readers... Happy Monday for everyone! Kelmarin vee baru hadiri majlis perkahwinan best buddies aka workmate mr cinta di area taiping utara :) pelbagai dugaan namun alhamdullilah selamat sampai sebelum majlis berlangsung =D.....

the Saturday sgt rowck sampaikan kepenatan tapi x mampu melelapkan mata dalam perjalanan... 

A great teamwork to cover the event with full of laugh with the jokes of thz 3 good workmate >_^ buat perut tegang sbb gelak banyak while doin the photoshoot ...

here the beginning of the kompang2 thing =D ...so Azam in the action mode with his video recording...

 edie on the action ..hehe

 keseriusan terserlah mamat long hair ni:)

 a great helper aka angel for the good assisted the renjis2 part..

here the serious face of Lumix owner aka videographer...

Owh..thz is ME :) blink2 sebelah mata...coz edie candid me while i'm workin :)

 here the photographerS with their own gadgets :)

since everybody dah puas bergambar.. time for us to snap a few moment with bride & groom :)

Haha... thz lovely newly married people on the action :)

 edie on his drama things :)

apa2pun.. pengatin sgt rock..walau pada awal2nya malu2 kucing ..ahaks!

So after finish with all indoor things..we have an outdoor shoot nerby a lake garden @taiping... GReenny lol

Still on behind the scene mode... so nampaklaa keseriusan kami to make the picture perfecto in the place:)

 Here i am..  flying without wings :)

the best scene for landscape + wedding photoshoot :)

 before we finish the day.. we snap a few pictures before sunset :)

 so DONE... time to shoot unofficially theme n concept.. more to ending for the day :)

 girls power...:)hehe

kamidisebaliktakbir...cadid by pengantin lelaki 
:)yeazzza.... so thts our last photo for the day :)

from my experience... during selama ni i involved with wedding photoshoot.. kali ni mmg sempoi n funny... sbb buat keja smbil gelak2 melampau...sbb 3 sekawan tu buat lawaks ...HAHA..apa2pun..EVEN penat n affected my lengan bengkak sbb pegang camera plus speedlight dr siang until outdoor.....BUT vee sgt terharu coz i have a best partner in photography NOW :) he really compactible with me..a great partner, a good art direction.. and a fast learner...:)Thanks for everythg ..may Allah bless us..amin

B4 i end thz entry ,Best wishes from me to Base & O'on =) May your wedding be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness.... :)

we really make the day

regards, vee


  1. Best experience with best peoples and best partner! :D

  2. I agree with u ! Best experience with best peoples! :D

  3. cun...story line dia pon best! tankayu edie & shieffa.tankayu azam & bel.wpon bel smpai nk pecah kepala dah saket kepala...


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