.:Precious moment with nerdy specs:.

Assalamualaikum readers....da story begin with da new nerdy spect.... we share the specs together when hang out sumtimes.... eventho for a few hours but we do love eating :)

So here da...
Cutest moment with nerdy specs >_^

 da specs really to big for me!!! me >_@
my prince with nerdy specs in action:)
 super cute :)
since long time ago, i noticed that i didn't hv a plenty of cute couple picture ever between both of us coz we just knw to snap other people :).. so, tht time, we didn't bring any specifics camera coz we just meet for lunch n watchin da darkness hours... via mobile-phone, we snap few moments :) 

Ouchhhh!!!kindda noisee mucchoo lol..hehe
baru perasan... our shoes have da same color lol! =D

i wish i can snap muccho pictures tht remind me a great time with him coz i claimed tht he kindda busy with lots of office works :') However, i wish all the best for him..n wanna  dedicate da special new year wish for him.....

"Let us leave behind sadness, regrets and painful moments and have a new start full of joy this new year"

P/S: I wanna thank da Special ppl, who Touched my life With their Concern & made My life more Meaningful, U r 1 of them, Thanks 4 your Contribution 2 my life.. May almighty ALLAH Continue 2 give you Abundant Blessing & Happiness in da Coming years Too........Amin.....

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