New April with New Branding ...


 Ya allah..dah lama x blogging..... busy lately with my new biz :) hehe... apakah?? hmm.. related with my new passion in fashion.. especially in vintage line :) all about dress :) previously, vee mmg suka collects dress espclly vintage dress... n lotta people askin me where to buy tht kind of clothings, tp personally mmg byk tpt vee pg n beli.. n im kinda cerewet bab dress bcoz vee really appcte the details pada dress vee :) sedap memakai n lebih jimat... :) so... here is my new page ..baru berusia sebulan....:) 

Velove Design & Couture... actually, vee startin da biz with handmade shawls.. under Danea Rosse Design.. but mostly people keep askin me.. its tht my biz?? heehe.. so.. i get frm tht da name x sinonim with me.. n finally i decide to change my biz name with Velove Design & Couture :).. but FB cannot admit the changin.. so i have to close my previous page n created a new one :'( but..alhamdullilah..since 3weeks half ni vee active in makin biz with my gorgeous customer :)

So.....I preset my Velove Design & Couture LOGO :)

the logo was designed by my trusted favorite graphic designer Adza Edie Izwan Adenan...

.:logo history:.
1st of all... vee mmg ada design sendiri simple logo mcm ni... 

but vee need his advise to make it more corporate n new branding :) n he traced with thiz new style ...

And he come present to me with the new color scheme.. but i asked him to make more vintage scheme...
 finally he've got the inspiration by my latest picture on my look book in tittle 'FloraVien'

and FINALLY...HERE is my final branding :)

so... terungkaplaa kisah di sebalik my new branding :) thnks to bloggin yg gv me inspiration to write somethng even mcm x sempat nak update apa2 :) hehe

apa2pun...trillion thnaks n credit to mr graphic designer :)

By the way... to all gorgeous & gentleman.. thnks for ur support :)

Befor i end thz entry, here is my page :)


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