HFW May Day #2: Favourite Hijab

Asalaamu Alaykum, gorgeous!

Yeay!!! FINALLY I can spent a few second  to join thiz HFW MAY 2012..Masyallah... I skipped the day One :'( because had ton of works! However... Today's theme is about one of my favorite items of clothing: my favorite hijab or i called turban.. i bought from my  buddies.. i love thz turban because of their design,comfortable, and colour! soo vibrant! so i mix with similar tone with the turban..

so here the simple review.... during sunset :)

Here,to highlight my fav turban <3
Alhamdullilah.. done update for HFW day 2 :) 

more creative ideas , u can direct view at hfw day two .... :)

Have a great day wonderful people<3

love, vee

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