.:dINNer @ Pressroom:.

Hello AGAIN!! :) tonite vee just blogging related last nite dinner at pressroom:) mmg sdp!!as usual.. dtg for order seafood pasta.... sum chicken menu and fish creamy...Vee lupa apa namanya..coz in italian words..:)
FOR those yg gemarkan western Italiano...u guys can come to LAbodega yang bercawangan di jalan Telawi, Bangsar....Pavvilion pun ada....di Bangsar centre pun ada....
.:HERE da pasta:.
 EVEN vee ni allergy... tp tergugat juga... mmg menahan gatal aja afta mkn.. mujur ada air garam:)
Here we are..ordering process..
 I love the signage..:)
 Thanks to mrs Amy..for snapping me:) via compact ...Here my new vintage collection:)
 GRACIA to my brother..chef Fazli...thnks for last nite dinner too:) really loveee the meals:)
Here I am...waiting for my prince charming to take me HOME..haha:

Talk bout pressroom... Vee rindu pada kawan2 lama...... yg selalu lepak sama2 di pressroom...:'')
 Me n my fren....Mixta niez
 .:Me n girls:.
 I miss u guys!!

K laa.....I think thts all for today ENTRY...:)
Have a Blast dream EVERYONE:)



.:Friday madness:.

hello AGAIN :) before Vee melelapkan mata.... Vee nak blogging sumting regarding on our Friday madness..haha.. Vee da lamaaaaaaaaaaaa x mkn durian... beberapa tahun juga... n...friday nite tu.. my lovely bro n his friend... ajak vee n az kenduri durian... memandangkan... sedang musim katanya... Here we go....

 .:Here the place:.
 .:sesi membuka:.
 Happy aja muka kakak ni..
 Muka AZ happy semacam......... almaklum.... benda yg dihajati telah kesampaian...:)
Thanks to my Bro yg sudi belanja kami:)
NEXT...afta smua da kenyang... (vee mkn 3ulas aja..sbb vee kurang mkn buah ni...sbb pesanan mumy x bg  mkn byk2 sbb esk vee ada interview...so vee akur aja laaaaaaaaa,haha)

Afta that, we all round2 ke KL...
haha...............ENJOY watching, eating, snapping, walking...:)



"thiz is a virtual world dear .. all categories there .... all sorts of people there ..... so ... ok ... just be aware ...n at the same time, i shall take this as a lesson too......... no even for myself but for other friends ... without this categorize ... life is not happening ...:)"



.:Sierra iNspira:.

Hello AGAIN!!..............................waaaaaaa...lamanya rasa tak berblogging coz kebzian...... latest news..Vee dpt job interview di Signature International Berhad....n berjaya masuk ke shortlisted for end interview pula... if ada rezeki insyallh...tp Vee x harap tinggi sgt sbb that compny quite susah nak dpt..even time Vee apply pun..i beat with 23 candidates... I try my best :)

ok...Thiz week x kemana2...melainkan bz kerja..so...pg smlm sempat Vee try a new hijab style..inspired by my lovely friend... sierra sunny..... 

Vee nak share tutorialnya... check thiz out:)

So HERE my try....:)

 my 1st time try thiz style...:)
.:HERE---> terajin edit version:.

K...thats all for tonite before Vee tidur... Have a great friday.........n happy weekend:)

Sekian Terima Kasih..


::The memory of my dear Father......Almarhum Abdullah.........::

The memory of my dear Father...Today Is "Fathers Day", So, I dedicate this lovely poem to him......

Emotions, hard to describe
Yet you always knew, how I felt inside
Our minds alike, head strong and persistent
Yet you'd always lend a ear to listen

Your words may be few, but very wise
And between you and me, there were never lies
You say,life is what it is, live it to the fullest
You've only got one shot, no second chances

And when death comes knocking,
You accept, not fearing
My time has come, you say
and yours, well, your life has just begun

When I think of future events,
And how I long for your presence
I believe in your love
And know that you're watching from above...

"Happy Father's Day to my beloved late dad, Hj. Abdullah".
 ::Picture of my mom, dad(at the right) & his friend::

Delightful and loving,
Loved and admired,
Dad, you're my hero,
My life you've inspired. And when all my blessings
Are counted each day,
I thank God in heaven
For Dad when I pray. Dad thanks for your presence
Throughout thick and thin;
You're more than a parent,
You're my wonderful friend....

 ::Picture of me when I was kid::

His soul strengthens mine,
His smile encourages everyone
He is my number one fan,
A great father and only one
He is far from us 
His presence is always with me..
And he always reminds me
To be a good girl and prioritize my study
His personality is strong,
Yet full of life.
With authority, courage and love
He is a good husband and a good father,
A good son and a friend ..
I am proud to bear his name,
To have his blood...
And to be his child...

I love you my only dad...
Almarhum Abdullah...
May Allah bless u.....
-Al fatihah-


.:Wordful Wednesday:.

.:The ugly can be beautiful. The pretty, never...:.
...Vee singkap dari wallpost Vee hari ini...
.....Morale from the story.....

The Ugly Duckling

   Once upon a time down on an old farm, lived a duck family, and Mother Duck had been sitting on a clutch of new eggs. One nice morning, the eggs hatched and out popped six chirpy ducklings. But one egg was bigger than the rest, and it didn't hatch. Mother Duck couldn't recall laying that seventh egg. How did it get there? TOCK! TOCK! The little prisoner was pecking inside his shell.
   "Did I count the eggs wrongly?" Mother Duck wondered. But before she had time to think about it, the last egg finally hatched. A strange looking duckling with gray feathers that should have been yellow gazed at a worried mother. The ducklings grew quickly, but Mother Duck had a secret worry.
   "I can't understand how this ugly duckling can be one of mine!" she said to herself, shaking her head as she looked at her last born. Well, the gray duckling certainly wasn't pretty, and since he ate far more than his brothers, he was outgrowing them. As the days went by, the poor ugly duckling became more and more unhappy. His brothers didn't want to play with him, he was so clumsy, and all the farmyard folks simply laughed at him. He felt sad and lonely, while Mother Duck did her best to console him.
   "Poor little ugly duckling!" she would say. "Why are you so different from the others?" And the ugly duckling felt worse than ever. He secretly wept at night. He felt nobody wanted him.
   "Nobody loves me, they all tease me! Why am I different from my brothers?"
   Then one day, at sunrise, he ran away from the farmyard. He stopped at a pond and began to question all the other birds. "Do you know of any ducklings with gray feathers like mine?" But everyone shook their heads in scorn.
   "We don't know anyone as ugly as you." The ugly duckling did not lose heart, however, and kept on making inquiries. He went to another pond, where a pair of large geese gave him the same answer to his question. What's more, they warned him: "Don't stay here! Go away! It's dangerous. There are men with guns around here!" The duckling was sorry he had ever left the farmyard.
   Then one day, his travels took him near an old countrywoman's cottage. Thinking he was a stray goose, she caught him.
   "I'll put this in a hutch. I hope it's a female and lays plenty of eggs!" said the old woman, whose eyesight was poor. But the ugly duckling laid not a single egg. The hen kept frightening him.
   "Just wait! If you don't lay eggs, the old woman will wring your neck and pop you into the pot!" And the cat chipped in: "Hee! Hee! I hope the woman cooks you, then I can gnaw at your bones!" The poor ugly duckling was so scared that he lost his appetite, though the old woman kept stuffing him with food and grumbling: "If you won't lay eggs, at least hurry up and  get plump!"
   "Oh, dear me!" moaned the now terrified duckling. "I'll die of fright first! And I did so hope someone would love me!"
   Then one night, finding the hutch door ajar, he escaped. Once again he was all alone. He fled as far away as he could, and at dawn, he found himself in a thick bed of reeds. "If nobody wants me, I'll hid here forever." There was plenty a food, and the duckling began to feel a little happier, though he was lonely. One day at sunrise, he saw a flight of beautiful birds wing overhead. White, with long slender necks, yellow beaks and large wings, they were migrating south.
   "If only I could look like them, just for a day!" said the duckling, admiringly. Winter came and the water in the reed bed froze. The poor duckling left home to seek food in the snow. He dropped exhausted to the ground, but a farmer found him and put him in his big jacket pocket.
   "I'll take him home to my children. They'll look after him. Poor thing, he's frozen!" The duckling was showered with kindly care at the farmer's house. In this way, the ugly duckling was able to survive the bitterly cold winter.
   However, by springtime, he had grown so big that the farmer decided: "I'll set him free by the pond!" That was when the duckling saw himself mirrored in the water.
   "Goodness! How I've changed! I hardly recognize myself!" The flight of swans winged north again and glided on to the pond. When the duckling saw them, he realized he was one of their kind, and soon made friends.
   "We're swans like you!" they said, warmly. "Where have you been hiding?"
   "It's a long story," replied the young swan, still astounded. Now, he swam majestically with his fellow swans. One day, he heard children on the river bank exclaim: "Look at that young swan! He's the finest of them all!"
   And he almost burst with happiness.................

.....THanks for reading.....
 live healthier and happier


.:colour of LIFE:.

I love designing, it is something which permeates my whole living, whether it is simply choosing the color of my clothes in the morning or organizing my household. Design to me is akin to beauty, an externalization of my inner process regarding beauty & contentment with life............


.:the rhythm:.

I am happy...i dunno how to imagine I am sooooooooo happy rite now..... i felt like.... wanna take a walk. Dance a jig. Get some sun. I don’t wanna take myself to serious. I felt like wanna cook something ethnic. n if ONLY i can Play the 3 chords I know on guitar. and go get some tea. Tell a bad joke, to myself, and laugh by myself..... sumtimes, i felt wanna have look at the way a leaf is made....other than that, overhear someone else’s conversation. and try write it down.....and.... Remember it later.... Get some sleep.........................


with a new key of happiness...
(just hv to follow the rhythm...)


::Monday learning::

 Helooooo Again!! tonite Vee just wanna post some photos taken by my fren that wanna study bout angle.. Vee just da subject for da picta...:) ..so..here da snap..:)

.................via my compact .............
 tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... awesome rite.. but Vee try hard to gv a great pose..(even actually Vee noob... Vee try to pose as usual as Vee ask my model to pose in thz way..... when Vee as the subject in thiz stdy... means... the situation is diff... but...really hard to be a talent actually..many snap taken.... but the brilliant snap maybe..2 or 3 ...:)
 learn how to make a perspective angel..... sentence compact have a macro mode..so...try it..sometimes its help:) but the way u snap is important.... and dn't forget to ask ur talent to pose the way u like..it much better..coz.. u gonna decide the final artwork...:)

I think that all for the some input..mybe can help some of u...... Vee just noob..but.. photography as my hobby:) share urs idea too...........
Next..my simple snap..before we goin back....here the scenery of KLCC & surroundings..
 last but not least... Simple snap from Vee... Vee n my frend ...we learn and share da idea for fun......

short for tonite entry coz..tmrw i hv wke up early for work...:)

thnks for reading...

Sekian for tonite...


::short visit @ IPOH railway station::

HELLO AGAIN!! salam smua...tonite, Vee just nak post entry photos regarding short visit ke IPOH last week sempena wedding cousin Vee ............short time journey with my lovely bro bob and my cousin nAd....... 

here our simple snap via compact :)
 :: Actually kan.......we all gerak awl ke dewan tu..but we all singgah ke IPOh railway station atas cadangan bro bob:) coz in planning afta wedding terus shoot alek KL...... so... here we are...:)
 ::Nice kan fooring patttern dia..classic:)
 : coz of aesthetic value di tingkap ini......... part of my fav to snap picta.... menggingat kan Vee akan senibina zaman dulu2:)
 :arch yang besar setinngi 2 floor mmg best if u guys dpt snap full height of da building:)
 : picta of my cousin Nadiah..:
 Next...........Pict of ME:)
 HMMMMMMM... sayang sekali kali ni...heritage hotel da tutup..... dipindahkan ke ktm JB...:(.....kalau x...sure boleh jelajah hotel heritage tu...
 :sempat snap pun ok...sbb ada nilai aesthetic pada signagenya:
Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad merupakan pengendali kereta api utama di Semenanjung Malaysia.
Dahulunya ia dikenali sebagai sebuah agensi di bawah Pentadbiran Keretapi Tanah Melayu, ia kini dikenali sebagai KTMB berikutan kesan kempen pengkorporatan yang diterajui kerajaan pada tahun 1992. Namun, KTM masih dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan persekutuan. Sejarah sistem gerabaknya bermula sewaktu zaman penjajahan British, apabila laluan kereta api asalnya dibina untuk mengangkut timah. Tambang keretapi agak munasabah, namun kelajuan keretapi antarabandar (intercity) yang rendah di laluan sempit sering menyebabkan pengangkutan KTM kurang berdaya saing berbanding jenis pengangkutan yang lain.

Here the simple snap from our short visit:) Next time ada masa pnjang...Vee akan snap byk2.... x smpt nak snap full building..:(

However it is.........the building rite now... da diupgrade.... n........at the same time sudah ada perkhidmatan ktm yang baru.........iaitu.......Electrified Double Track..... :)

Sekian........CORETAN vee mlm ni.......
Happy weekend EVERYONE!!