Hey..This is my new official blog…behalf of my designing work & photography i do love blogging too…i really love to writing regarding on every snap in every angle…because the basic heart of mine is art and really love to make it more details. From this, i will appreciate every seconds of my life..Because, we have only one time in every age…so, i really appreciate in every single moment..Sad, happy, joy ..all is very meaningful if we can implicate it through photo…anyway, thanks for spent Ur time for viewing my behance ,website on tumblr and this blog too...Through this blog, you may see more into my artwork in photographic and design since for 2009 till 2thousand11.. which is From travel, architectural and interior perspectives, rural to urbanism, model photoshoot, wedding and event, nature and street candid and also photomanipulation .. Hopefully can hear some comment from u all…because i still in learning and have to improve..

official Name: velove shieffa
location: KL, Malaysia
brand: Velovegraphy

“I trained myself to not only become a designer but a designer with a cause. To design something not just because to make something beautiful but meaningful as well….”

contact me at:
email: shiema_shieffa@yahoo.com

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”