H.F.W Day2

-My heart is like a museum, filled with the gallery of a lifetime's arts....-

Since I was little, I like arts. My paintings more to abstract style that is full of emotion. I love playing with colors. Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.... 

The painting has a life of its own.Give me a museum and I'll fill it.:)


.:Hobby / Recreation :.
my hidden hobby - Painting

-Here my simple materials to represent as a art lover :)-

-Here my simple look for today :)-
Besides photography, i do love painting & today i try wearing more to artist style :)..which is..very simple outfit for indoor painting works :)

I am wearing the gray turban in snakes pattern plus another shawls in reddish pink, simple black inner with printed sleeveless t-shirt in black color, and long jacket in beige color, plus gray pants with black skirts as a covers because my t-shirt is not longer...n my fav black heels wedgies.. :)


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-Thanks for viewing- 

Gratitude on your presence

Dear diary..........

Alhamdullilah... finally.. i get the new partner in photography...n I am so lucky because he is my heart thief or in officially he is mr graphic designer....n for sure i am super proud of him.....because kinda new hobby for him n he looks so interested in this field n starting helping me n asking me more tips during our photoshoot events recently.....I am super surprised because he willing to explore this field step by step..thanks for sharing the same experience with me during the day........without u... i can't handle the whole day event starting morning til evening by myself alone ......fuhhh..really tired coz work out on that day but we really happy because finally we fix the problems regarding the shooting during heavy rain :)

-behind the scene-
captured by me :)

I really appreciate on your presence too n so unlucky coz both of us got the fever afta the shooting day....:) so let me dedicate my fav song for you .....

Heart beats fast Colors and promises, How do be brave, How can I love when I'm afraid To fall, But watching you stand alone,All of my doubt Suddenly goes away somehow
One step closer
I have died everyday waiting for you, Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you for a Thousand years, I'll love you for a Thousand more
Time stands still Beauty in all she is, I will be brave, I will not let anything Take away What's standing in front of me, Every breath, Every hour has come to this
One step closer

And all along I believed I would find you, Time has brought Your heart to me, I have loved you for a Thousand years I'll love you for a Thousand more ....

trillion thanks my dear :)

Regards, vee


Salam lovely readers....

Today was the great day!!!... represent to Awal Muharam.. & I've got the photography job for solemnize ceremony ...... even felt super tired but really fun n happy to see client smile :) Alhamdullilah...

However, this dedication especially for my respective client,

.:Ahmad Azmir & Raja Azidah:.

Best wishes from
Velovegraphy Design & Photography 
May your wedding be the beginning
of a lifetime filled with special
love and happiness...

Regards, vee

Memories can fade, but photos are forever

……….Memories can fade, but photos are forever…………

These photo created n dedicate especially for Hijab fashion week participants!!!
 Can't wait to see the rest of this week!!! :)

regards, vee



H.F.W Day1

-Behind the humble lens of the real life leading the thousand word to save the world, Insyallah-

Women have made significant contributions to photography since its inception. I hope, one day people recognize me with my photography’s artworks besides designing as my main focus.. However, becoming a great photographer requires sacrifice and high creativity. For hijabi like me, I would like to prove that not only the men conquer in this field. Because for me, I often look to the best of the best for inspiration. What always seems to be true  no matter who we are , we all come from different backgrounds, different trainings, different interests and experiences that will ultimately shape our style of work.


“I trained myself to not only become a designer but a designer with a cause. To design something not just because to make something beautiful but meaningful as well….”


.:Leader in Hijab:.

-Here the result-

To represent today's theme, I am wearing the light peach turban style in the inner part of my hijabb and cover with leopard asymmetrical pattern shawl for outer part,with inner shirt in peach color cover with sleeveless blouse in light yellow chiffon material , and another vintage blouse in light brown. For this time I replace the belt with black ribbon as an accessories besides my favorite necklace and bracelet. Plus wearing pants in khaki color with black heels wedgies.. 

As an interior design graduated, at the same time as a freelance photographer, for me, the simple look is much better but the ranges of color choices as a main factor plus the types of fabric and accessories that want to mix with the pants and blouse to become one piece :)  

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HFW – Hijabi Fashion Week

Assalamualaikum Gorgeous Hijabber!!!
HFW – Hijabi Fashion Week is 'back' this month!!!Starting 27 Nov til 3rd Dec!!!
And thiz is my '1st' time to join thz lovely event!!! I'm super excited to see and changing ideas, to see their modest fabulosity collections and to get know all hijabi participants around the world 'plus' the way they wearing with their own style!!! 
So check thz vids!!! :)

Here are the Themes for each day, so start snapping those pictures:
Day 1 -- Leaders in Hijab: what leadership roles do you have or want to try? (President, teacher, mother, Volunteer Leader, CEO etc.). 
Day 2 -- Hobby/Recreation: What do you do when you have free time? (hike, sail, write, paint, etc.)

Day 3 -- Break the Rules : A stylish hijabi can look good in anything, even when she's breaking the rules! Pick a fashion/style rule you always follow, and show us how you'd break it in style! (Any style rule may be broken, except the Islamic criteria for hijab).
Day 4 -- Vacation/Destination: Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?
Day 5 -- Eid & Formal: It's Friday! Dress up! What did you wear for Eid? What do you wear to formal events/parties?
Day 6 -- Date Night: Yesterday you dressed up for you, today dress up for your man! What do you wear when going out with your (future) husband?
Day 7 -- Out with Friends: Finish off the week by hanging out with friends! Where do you usually go? What do you usually do?
Even I'm in busy condition...but I hope i can gv the best idea n didn't miss each theme everyday!!!..Insyaallah....All the best to all participant ♥
 for more info click HERE
regards, vee 

Happy Photographer Day!!!

If you ask yourself why photographers charge so much for assignments. We don't get paid vacation, we don't get paid sick days, we don't get bonuses for working non-stop during Christmas. We don't have insurance plans nor do we qualify for unemployment. We sacrifice our family on special days so that we can bring happiness to others. Illness or personal affairs are not excuses for a bad result. Next time you ask, remember that Photographer ARE Photographer because of the LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, but that love doesn't pay debts.

Happy Photographer Day!!
I miss all of you :')Have a great day everyone!!!


Fashion Galore

Dear gorgeous & gentleman:) U Guys Are Most Welcome... ♥

 Present to you....
Fashion Galore

This event is specially organized for our local fashion designer/online shop bloggers .

Cala Qisya & Cala Man
Stellar Boutique
Al-Humaira Contemporary
Kotak Klasik
Firz Hafiz Sabrand
Sybylla Collection

There will be a fashion show from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm on that day can also shopping as early from 10 am to 6.30 pm.

In conjunction with Y-Avenue, this event have many activities live band, in line skate and autoshow.

Special Appearance by Awi Rafael
Bring your family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands,wives, relatives, ALL and have a great day at !

p/s: Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.
Please come and support our local designers/online shop bloggers.

MI Fashion Week 2011

Holla everyone!!!
International fashion festival malaysia 2011 hits the town!!! do come n crowd the show everybody!!!

(photo source from MIFW websites)

Here the scedule:

Liberation by the Veil

“When she covers herself,
she puts herself on a HIGHER level and respect for her intellect.
Her faith and her personality will take precedence over her physical beauty”

Modesty and chastity , very important ideologies with Islam, are achieved by prescribing standards on behavior and the dress of a Muslim. A woman who adheres to the tenements of Islam is required to follow the dress code called Hijab, other synonymes are Veil, Purdah, or just Covering. It is an act of faith and establishes a Muslim's life with honor, respect and dignity. The Hijab is viewed as a liberation for women, in that the covering brings about "an aura of respect" (Takim, 22) and women are recognized as individuals who are admired for their mind and personality, "not for their beauty or lack of it" ( Mustafa ) and not as sex objects.
Contrary to popular belief, the covering of the Muslim woman is not oppression but a liberation from the shackles of male scrutiny and the standards of attractiveness. In Islam, a woman is free to be who she is inside, and immuned from being portrayed as sex symbol and lusted after. Islam exalts the status of a woman by commanding that she "enjoys equal rights to those of man in everything, she stands on an equal footing with man " (Nadvi, 11) and both share mutual rights and obligations in all aspects of life.
Men and women though equal are not identical, and each compliments the other in the different roles and functions that they are responsible to. " From an Islamic perspective, to view a woman as a sex symbol is to denigrate her. Islam believes that a woman is to be judged by her [virtuous] character and actions rather than by her looks or physical features" (Takim, 22). In the article, "My Body Is My Own Business", Ms. Naheed Mustafa , a young Canadian born and raised, university-educated Muslim woman writes, "The Quran [ which is the Holy Book for Muslims] teaches us that men and women are equal, that individuals should not be judged according to gender, beauty, wealth or privilege. The only thing that makes one person better than another is his or her character." She goes on to say, "In the Western world, the hijab has come to symbolize either forced silence or radical, unconscionable militancy. Actually, its neither. It is simply a woman's assertion that judgement of her physical person is to play no role whatsoever in social interaction."
Muslims believe that God gave beauty to all women, but that her beauty is not be seen by the world, as if the women are meat on the shelf to be picked and looked over. When she covers herself she puts herself on a higher level and men will look at her with respect and she is noticed for her intellect , faith ,and personality, not for her beauty. In many societies, especially in the West, women are taught from early childhood that their worth is proportional to their attractiveness and are compelled to follow the male standards of beauty and abstract notions of what is attractive, half realizing that such pursuit is futile and often humiliating (Mustafa).
Chastity , modesty, and piety are promoted by the institution of veiling. "The hijab in no way prevents a woman from playing her role as an important individual in a society nor does it make her inferior." (Takim,22)
A Muslim woman may wear whatever she pleases in the presence of her husband and family or among women friends. But when she goes out or when men other than her husband or close family are present she is expected to wear a dress which will cover [her hair and] all parts of her body , and not reveal her figure. What a contrast with Western fashions which every year concentrate quite intentionally on exposing yet another erogenous zone to the public gaze! The intention of Western dress is to reveal the figure, while the intention of Muslim dress is to conceal [and cover] it, at least in public (Lemu,25).
The Muslim woman does not feel the pressures to be beautiful or attractive, which is so apparent in the Western and Eastern cultures. She does not have to live up to expectations of what is desirable and what is not. Superficial beauty is not the Muslim woman's concern, her main goal is inner spiritual beauty. She does not have to use her body and charms to get recognition or acceptance in society. It is very different from the cruel methods that other societies subject women, in that their worth is always judged by their physical appearance. The are numerous examples of discrimination at the workplace where women are either accepted or rejected, because of their attractiveness and sex appeal.
Another benefit of adorning the veil is that it is a protection for women. Muslims believe that when women display their beauty to everybody, they degrade themselves by becoming objects of sexual desire and become vulnerable to men, who look at them as " gratification for the sexual urge"(Nadvi,8). The Hijab makes them out as women belonging to the class of modest chaste women, so that transgressors and sensual men may recognize them as such and dare not tease them out of mischief" (Nadvi, 20). Hijab solves the problem of sexual harrassment and unwanted sexual advances, which is so demeaning for women, when men get mixed signals and believe that women want their advances by the way they reveal their bodies.
The western idiology of, 'if you have it, you should flash it!' is quite opposite to the Islamic principle,where the purpose is not to bring attention to ones self, but to be modest. Women in so many societies are just treated as sex symbols and nothing more than just a body who "display themselves to get attention" (Mustafa) . A good example is in advertising, where a woman's body is used to sell products. Women are constantly degraded, and subjected to reveal more and more of themselves. .
The Covering sanctifies her and forces society to hold her in high esteem. Far from humiliating the woman, Hijab actually grants the woman an aura of respect, and bestows upon her a separate and unique identity (Takim, 22). According to the Qu'ran, the same high standards of moral conduct are for men as it is for women. Modesty is essential in a man's life, as well, whether it be in action, morals or speech. Islam also commands proper behavior and dress of men, in that they are not allowed to make a wanton show of their bodies to attract attention onto themselves, and they too must dress modestly. They have a special commandment to lower their eyes, and not to brazenly stare at women.
In Sura Nur of the Holy Qu'ran it says, " Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that will make for greater purity for them, and God is well acquainted with what they do". Many of the misconceptions of the Muslim woman in the west, particularly her veil stems from Arab and Muslim countries that have deviated from the true doctrines of Islam, and have " mixed up Islamic principles with pre-Islamic pagan traditions" (Bahnassawi, 67)
In this present period of decline from Islam, many Muslim women are alienated , isolated from social life, and are oppressed by Muslim men and rulers who use the name of religion for their injustices. (Bahnassawi, 65) In this instance, the Hijab is used as a means of keeping many Muslim women away from society, with the misconception that it signifies isolation and weakness. But as many Muslim women come back into the fold of the untainted and true Islam, they are able to recognize the injustice of men who have for so long stripped them of their rights to be an integral part of society and "deserving the same dignity, honor, progress and prosperity as the men" (Nadvi,26). Women regaining their true identity and role in society, are now wearing Hijab and embracing its concept of liberation for women, and are taking their rightful places that Islam had endowed upon them fourteen hundred years ago.

Works Cited
  • Bahnassawi, El Salem. Woman Between Islam and World Legislations. Trans. Abdul Fattah El-Shaer. Kuwait: Dar ul Qalam, 1985.
  • Lemu, Aisha and Fatima Heeren. Woman in Islam. England: Islamic COE, 1978.
  • Mustafa, Naheed. "My Body is My Own Business." Shia International. Oct. 1993: 29.
  • Nadvi, Mohammad. Modesty and Chastity in Islam. Kuwait: Islamic Bk, 1982.
  • Takim, Liyakatali. "The Islamic and Muslim View of Women." Shia International. Oct. 1993: 22.

Please copy and distribute to whoever can benefit from the above paper. Thank you, peace and blessings of Allah to all my brothers and sisters in Islam...



Apabila seorang perempuan jatuh cinta,lelaki itu tidak
semestinya punya segalanya tetapi lelaki itu adalah
segalanya di hatinya.


Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan itu
mengalirkan air mata, itu bukan bermakna dia lemah,
tetapi dia sedang mencari kekuatan untuk terus tabah
menyintai lelaki itu.

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan marah,
memang dia tidak mampu mengawal perasaannya tapi
percayalah, itulah maknanya dia sangat mengambil berat
dan menyayangi lelaki itu.Lihat saja pasangan yang baru
bercinta, mereka jarang bergaduh. Tetapi percayalah
semakin bertambah saying mereka pada seseorang,
semakin pula banyak pertelingkahan yang berlaku.

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan bercakap banyak,
dia tidak pernah bermaksud untuk membuat anda rimas,
tapi dia mahu lelaki mengenalinya dengan lebih

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan berkata dia mahu
anda berubah, itu bukan bermakna dia tidak mahu
menerima anda seadanya, tetapi dia mahu menjadikan
anda lebih baik, bukan untuk dirinya, tetapi untuk masa
depan anda.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan cemburu dan tidak
percayakan anda, bukan bermakna dia tidak
sayang..tetapi dia terlalu sayangkan anda dan masih
mengangap anda anak kecil yang masih memerlukan
sepenuh perhatian. Kadang2 dia terlalu risau sekiranya
terlalu percaya, anda akan mengkhianati kepercayaan
yang diberi. Naluri keibuannya sangat kuat. Dia hanya
mahukan yang terbaik untuk anda.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan merajuk, jangan
kata dia mengada-ngada. Dia bukannya mahu dipujuk
dengan wang ringgit atau hadiah sedozen, tetapi cukup
dengan perhatian yang boleh buat perempuan rasa

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan jarang
mengatakan ‘i love u’, itu tidak bermaksud dia tidak
menyintai tetapi dia mahu lelaki itu merasai sendiri
cintanya, bukan hanya hadir dari kata-kata tetapi juga
melalui bahasa tubuhnya.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata dia rindu
sama kamu, dia benar-benar maksudkannya. Apabila
berjauhan, bayanganmu akan sentiasa bermain di mata.
Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata lelaki lain itu
lebih baik dari kamu, jangan percaya kata-katanya kerana
dia hanya mahu menguji kamu. Dia mahu melihat
sejauh mana kamu sanggup menjadi yang terbaik di
matanya. Walaupun sebenarnya memang kamulah
yang terbaik di hatinya. Selagi dia dengan kamu, percayalah,
walaupun perempuan menganggap masih ramai lagi
yang lebih baik di matanya tetapi di hatinya, kamu tetap
yang terbaik.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan menjadi degil, dia
bukan bermaksud untuk menjadi degil tapi dia mahu
melihat sejauh mana lelaki itu mampu bersabar dengan
kerenahnya. Percayalah, hati perempuan itu sangat lembut.
Andai kena caranya, jangan terkejut kalau akhirnya dia
menukar fikirannya dalam masa sesaat.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan berkata, “tolong
tinggalkan saya!”, dia tidak bermaksud menyuruh anda
pergi selamanya. Dia hanya mahu menenangkan
fikirannya sebentar saja. Apabila dia kembali tenang,
percayalah dia akan mencari anda semula. Itu tandanya dia
benar-benar menyintai anda.Perempuan sukar untuk
mengawal perasaan. Dia terlalu emosional. Tapi dialah
yang paling menyayangi anda dan sangat sensitif dengan
perubahan pada diri anda.

Andai lelaki tahu..Sememangnya Allah
menciptakan lelaki dan perempuan itu dengan
perbezaan yang tersendiri. Tetapi sekiranya mereka
saling memahami, mereka akan saling melengkapi dan
menyempurnakan .Perempuan itu diciptakan oleh
Allah indah sekali. Di sebalik air matanya, tersimpan seribu
satu kekuatan yang bakal menjadikan seorang lelaki itu
merasa selamat bersamanya.Biarpun zahirnya perempuan
itu tampak lemah tapi dia punya kekuatan tersendiri
yang bisa menggoncang dunia dan mungkin bisa pula
membuat lelaki menjadi lemah kerananya. Jadi
hargailah kehadiran seorang perempuan dalam hidup anda
kerana dia didatangkan bukan dengan kelemahan sahaja
tetapi dia juga ada kekuatan untuk menyongkong anda dan
membuatkan hidup anda lebih sempurna. Dialah yang bakal
menjadi perempuan bekerjaya, isteri juga ibu yang
terbaik untuk anak2 anda.


Lelaki juga boleh menjadi seseorang yg begitu sensitif dan mengambil berat (prihatin)
Jika seseorang lelaki meminati wanita, wanita itu tak semestinya cantik. Cukup dgn budi bahasa dan kesopanan yg tinggi. Malah lelaki boleh menyukai wanita yg mempunyai banyak persamaan dengannya samada dari segi pemikiran atau minat. Oleh itu, banyak yg boleh dibualkan atau dikongsi bersama.

Kebanyakan masa, lelaki sebenarnya tidak mengetahui perasaan sebenar yg dirasakan oleh seorang wanita.

Lelaki boleh menerima penolakan dgn baik.

Lelaki cuba menonjolkan sikap kelakiannya utk menambat hati wanita…

Lelaki memang dilahirkan dgn perasaan yg kuat terhadap wanita..sebab itu mereka suka melihat wanita, menjeling wanita dan menonton Baywatch! Atau mencuci mata di tepi pantai atau swimming pool.

Kebanyakan lelaki resah bila berhadapan dgn situasi ingin mengajak wanita keluar kali pertama!

Lelaki cuba meniru gaya selebriti atau berlagak macho hanya kerana ingin memikat hati wanita.

Bila lelaki cakap..”Emm..tengoklah dulu”..itu seringkali bermaksud dia berkata tidak atau kurang setuju.

Bila lelaki cakap direct to the point dalam sesuatu hal, dia sebenarnya ingin bersikap jujur dan berterus-terang dan mengharapkan wanita memahami maksudnya.
Kebanyakan lelaki yg nampak ‘desperate’, datang dari sekolah all boys!

Adalah biasa lelaki cemburu terutamanya apabila perempuan asyik menyebut nama lelaki lain.

Lelaki tak boleh belajar kesemuanya pasal perempuan dari library atau buku semata2. Oleh itu mereka selalu keliru dengan sikap perempuan..dan tak faham kenapa perempuan bersikap begitu begini… Kadang2 lelaki perlu mengetahui lebih mendalam tentang bagaimana berhadapan dengan perempuan supaya hubungan dapat berjalan dgn lebih baik.

Betapa hebatnya lelaki itu bersikap romeo dan ‘flirting’ dengan ramai wanita..dia tetap hanya ada seorang teman wanita yg istimewa…yang lain hanya kawan..:)

Bila lelaki tertengok dada wanita dan wanita itu menyedari…maafkan saja. Kebanyakan lelaki tak sengaja….Mereka merasakan kejadian wanita itu begitu indah!

Bila sesuatu hubungan putus di tengah jalan, lelaki juga rasa bersedih..cuma dia tak menunjukkannya kesedihannya di depan orang.

Bila seorang perempuan meminati seorang lelaki, perempuan itu patut bagi hint! Mana tau lelaki itu juga menaruh minat. Senang usahanya nanti…

Adalah memalukan bagi lelaki jika tak berupaya menolong wanita.

Kebanyakan lelaki cukup lemah dgn air mata perempuan. Mereka lebih tewas sekiranya air mata itu mengalir dari perempuan yg dikasihi. Sebab itu dikatakan air mata senjata perempuan.

Lelaki bukanlah sempurna 100%, walau bagaimanapun rupanya atau pandangan luarannya. Jadi, perempuan janganlah mengharapkan semua yg hebat dari lelaki! Mereka juga normal dan mempunyai kelemahan!

source: aidanatasya.com

50 Reasons not to Date a Photographer

 Hye n afternoon everyone... vee interested to share the funny fact but true regarding on the topics.... '50 Reasons not to Date a Photographer'..wuhhhuuuu... really sensitive for certain group of people.. but vee...as a photographer.. actually thz really open my eye for the fact tht maybe true for some reason n situation :) haha... just read the full reasons n verify which one is more nearest into ur situation..:) 

(photo from google)

Was inspired to write one of these!!! hehe.
  1. They rather hold their bulky camera, than hold hands with you.
  2. On a romantic date, you’ll watch the sun go down and think “Wow this is gorgeous” and they’ll go “mirror lock, tripod, and stop down f/8 at 1/125.”
  3. You’ll never be able to enjoy tv, movies, or magazines because they’ll point out all the visual flaws.
  4. They like to sit in obscure coffee shop and voyeuristically watch people for great lengths of time.
  5. If you’re taking a walk outside and you come across some “interesting light” they will make you sit/stand/pose in public so that they can take a photo.
  6. You’ll never get to enjoy freshly cooked meals because they’ll spend 15 minutes taking 20 variations of the same dish with their iPhone.
  7. They get angry when your friends go up to them and say “I am interested in photography, can you recommend a good camera for me?  Nothing professional I just want to take pretty pictures.”
  8. You’ll wait longer for them to finish analyzing art in a museum than you’ll wait at the dmv
  9. Same goes with old used bookstores.
  10. When you think they’re giving you their undivided attention, they’re really wondering how they could fix you with a little Clone Tool and Patch Tool.
  11. Or they are actually using you to not look so creepy as they people watch everything going on around you.
  12. They rather drop $1,000+ on new glass than a purse for you. 
  13. You can’t take a photo with them without taking at least five more.
  14. If you ask them if you look fat, they’ll say “don’t worry I can photoshop you later.”
  15. They’ll never photoshop something simple for you if the content is not up to their “standards.”
  16. That photo they randomly took of you yesterday?  Good luck getting them to send it to you.
  17. They spend all their time on the computer (and not for porn.)
  18. They can’t have a normal conversation with throwing acronyms and random numbers.
  19. They still use film cameras.
  20. They spend a lot of time with people cooler than you i.e. models, actors, musicians, successful rich people.
  21. They’ll be fussy over the position of a common household object, like a coffee cup.
  22. They won’t return your calls or text messages, but you can bet they’re still posting pics on Instagram.
  23. They like watching old films that you’ve never heard or will ever understand.
  24. They like looking at weird things in general.
  25. Instead of having penis-envy, they have camera-gear-envy.
  26. If there’s a natural disaster in a far away land, they’re already on a plane going over there.
  27. Everything is watermarked.
  28. They think everyone else’s photos suck.
  29. They want to color correct a lot of scenes from Twilight and Jersey Shore.
  30. They hate rainbows, especially ones spinning in a circle.
  31. Whenever you’re in a group talking and the conversation goes deep, they’re taking notes in some form of Moleskine.
  32. They use over priced Moleskine notebooks.
  33. They like trespassing into old abandoned buildings filled with health hazards.
  34. They always want to show a new photo they took, but don’t really care if you like it or not.
  35. They hate your n00bie friend’s new artsy profile picture.
  36. Bright, sunny days make them sad, but cloudy, overcast days are apparently great!
  37. They’ll take you into places that have “culture” as well a high chance of getting mugged.
  38. Your birthday present will be a portrait that they’ve taken of you.
  39. You can’t go anywhere new without them stopping to take a photo of everything and anything.
  40. They will always bug you to be a test subject.
  41. Nothing can ever be naturally pretty, everything must be fixed in Photoshop.
  42. Bringing their camera means, bringing 50lbs of equipment.
  43. If you break any of their things on accident, you’ll owe them thousands of dollars.
  44. You can’t get them a birthday/Christmas present without spending at least $500
  45. They are natural hoarders, collecting and keeping piles of old newspapers, packaging, magazines, and other things that “inspire” them.
  46. They are weird and geeky.
  47. They have hard drives of photos, but probably have printed 10 images.
  48. They are always secretly judging your creativity.
  49. If you’re ever in auto mode, they laugh at you.
  50. They orgasm every time they learn a new lighting technique.
 credits to
.:source from http://notastarvingartist.com/post/12766897643 :.


PUSS in Boots

Salam readers!!!  

Entry kali ni, vee nak story regarding my awesome meeting with one of malaysian hijabber community admins :) just have a girls talk n so on... afta tht we decide to have some actvty to fill our day... n unbelievable she have a great voice when i test our karaoke skills at the songbox:) lala... i smpt capture the video when she sang the adele's song! superb!!! hehe.....

I cant wait to tell others admin... to trow some actvy espclly sing together2... coz.. its fun yeah... afta tht we decide to watch a cute muvie ever! :)

-photo credit to nurul from her collection-

So, start with the 'puss in boots' movie.... masih teringat dengan film Shrek the movie?? especially kucing dia yang comel sgt2 tu! hehe....

Now.... come back with own movie :) 'Puss in boots'!!! sgt adorable n cute!!! sesuai bawak adik2 n anak buah tgk muvie ni.. time vee tgk with my hijaber fren pun... n can u imagine mostly..dlm panggung tu, kanak2.... hahaaaa..sooo funny movie yg akan buat kita tergelak dr awal smpai akhir!:)

 sbb watak2 dlm film tu betul2 menarik:)

esspecially watak puss sendiri yang belagak tp comel :)

& watak humpty yg kelakar sbb badan dia mcm telur...even dia pun x tahu dia tu makanan ke apa..haha

Nak tahu lebih lanjut... korang bolehlah see the trailler dulu sblm korg nak pg pilih thz movie.. for me... tak rugi utk tgk cerita ini..espcly yg nak hiburkan hati n ada story n misi dlm cerita ini... yg paling best lg..dpt tgk 3d tnpa guna spect 3d:) tp kena la bayar lebih :) 

So here the official trailer :)

Alhamdllh... Malaysia Boleh!!!

Coz vee just goin back from watchin the final match between Malaysia VS Indonesia..... the match is ending with penalty!!! superb to both team!!! n da malaysian supporter is really crowd the mamak stall ...n a little bit fun n enjoy to watch together-gether...:)
really memorable nite :)

Howeva, i really proud of our team...and again... CONGRATULATION HARIMAU MALAYA!!!



Hijrah part 1

- Hijrah part 1-

Salam n gudnite readers... mlm ni as usual tak boleh tidur lg... and since dah lama x jadikan blog as peneman dikala nothng to do selain talk about photography, designing n editing n kadang sedikit talk about hijab fashion :)  i am normal..bukan superpower mcm dlm the seekers (tetiba teringat muvie td) hehe..abaikan.. ok.. kadang.. i miss 'mute mode' which is me,myself n i... coz.. i dunno why since dulu people always worried with what i'm doin... n vee remember the way they treat me badly.. maybe vee buat silap tp for me..vee tak suka cari masalah dgn org..vee berkawan dengan org.. tapi tak faham kenapa makin 'better' life ni...makin ramai yang look me down... yes if u read thz u might say i'm problematic rite? hmm... so far, alhamdullilah dengan apa yg sudah dilalui... and i dun say i am perfect which is.. perfect dari segala segi.. but i try be who i am with what i have.. n vee try be better not be perfect! remember that.. when people around vee terkejut with perubahan vee dr seorg yang endah2kan soal aurat dulu tetapi alhamdullilah bulan april 2011 bergitu bermakna buat penghijrahan vee... Allah itu maha agung.. limpah hidayahnya untuk hamba2nya seperti vee.... syukur yang tak terhingga buat kurnianya... tetapi vee cukup pantang bila org pertikaikan cara permakaian seseorang yang dulunya freehair dan sekarang yang sudah berhijab..tetapi lebih fashionable mengikut perkembangan fesyen.. vee bukan nak agungkan fesyen.. tetapi, ia adalah medium bagi sesetengah kami untuk membiasakan diri kearah menutup aurat melalui stages.... bukan secara mendadak... sbb ini soal hati dan niat....jika seseorang itu berhijab semata2 ingin berfesyen nescaya tak lama niatnya itu...hanya allah sahaja yang tahu niatnya..wallahualam.....kerana jangan samakan kami seperti sesetengah yang alim dan berpurdah segala..kami bukan hadir dari didikan bergitu.. jadi terimalah golongan seperti kami yang mahu berubah ke arah kebaikan dan menutup aurat...beri kami ruang dan kami tak harap a good treat so what ever... we just need understanding.. inikan tidak, bila vee berhijab with berpakaian dress labuh dan mengenakan high heals serta accessories... ada yang mengeji cara vee berpakaian.. vee bukan berpakaian untuk menunjuk2.. apa yg ada dalam almari, and dari mana vee collect from few favorite vintage shops.. sekadar pakai apa yang ada.. high heals pun ulang2 pakai yang sama.. tetapi still ada yang pertikaikan..why? sbb snap2 gambar n share to internet n whtever? hmmm.. fyi, vee as a photographer.. as a designer.. vee tak nak berlagak dgn apa yg vee buat..sbb bg vee smua tu just my responsble to do tht job... at least i try to have good in self confident with what im wearing in daily day as a designer :) melainkan vee ni cikgu or doctor..mybe cara pakaian lebih ke arah koperat kan :)...so lovely...hmm... jadi bg vee apapun nak pakai..as long as tutup kepala with hijab or hoojabs.. n baju yang tak seksi dan mengairahkan  ....thts good for me to be as simple as i am.. its not easy to change to be in good condition , sure ada aja kritikan, mahupun pandangan buruk... vee x faham.. vee tak mintak support sbb cara vee pakai..tapi just need some respect.. because i have my past which is..supposedly i have to wearing hijab since im kids.. :) tetapi Allah maha agung... sekurang2nya..vee dapat menyelami perasaan sesetengah rakan2 yang baru nak berhijab tetapi dikecam oleh orang sekeliling... girls.. my advised.. do what good for you..people didn't give you any good unless they trust u since u before and after hijrah...apa2pun... penghijrahan seseorang sangat bermakna sekiranya dengan niatnya yang ikhlas.. kerana akan kekal selamanya..insyallah:') percaya pada diri.. kuatkan semangat.. dalam dunia ini tak semua orang menilai diri kita buruk...mereka yang rasa diri itu perfect saja yang akan menilai orang lain buruk daripada dia... sesungguhnya sebaik2 manusia tidak akan menilai seseorang dari mata kasarnya saja...maka selamlah hatinya..dan fahami situasinya.... kerana dugaan dari Allah bagi setiap orang adalah berbeda... bergitu juga dengan HIDAYAHNYA..........

Oleh yang demikian... bagi sesetengah yang beranggapan dirinya perfect dari segala segi... Alhamdullilah.. anda telah menilai dan memberi pandangan negatif..malah ada sesetengahnya membatalkan niat untuk berhijrah kerana adanya golongan penegah seperti kalian.. tetapi...girls..my advised...kuatkan semangat ..smua ini dugaan belaka.... semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan dan biarkan mereka dengan kata2 negatif mereka..dugaan untuk berubah kearah kebaikan mmg banyak...kena tabah..mungkin ketabahan anda akan membuat anda insan yang saling respect terhadap org lain..apa2pun Don't hate people who damage ur past......but appriciate them to make u grew stronger....:)

Insyallah.. setiap keburukan yang dilemparkan balaslah dengan senyuman dan beri lemparan kebaikan ya:)

-Coretan tinta nukilan hati velove shieffa 26/11/2011,3.26 pagi , bagi mengingati erti hijrah buat diri vee sendiri..semoga Allah memberkati penghijrahan vee ..amin ya rabbal.....-

to be continue..............

Art & dine

present to you.. 
an ART & DINE topic for thz evening :)

Salam readers!!! today vee nak memperkenalkan satu cafe milik anak syarikat KFCH di area jaybee yang baru beroperasi sejak bulan puasa 2011... sbb kenapa vee interested nak bercerita sbb food type di situ really artistic n tasty!!! U should try n singgah kalau sudah berada di jaybee....

di alamat:
No 1, Jalan Dato' Onn, Bandar Dato' Onn,81100 Johore Bharu, Malaysia :)

MOSTLY dishes n menu banyak yang western... n porsi untuk org asia mmg sgt kenyang :) 

So, menu di bawah ni smua originally capture by chef muhd fazly n vee copy  from his fb :)

.: Delicious!!!:.
.: seafood spaghetti:.
 .:SOTO pun ada:.
 .:thiz one is AWESOME!!:.
 .:tak lupa menu tempatan...Nasi Lemak:.
 .: I wish to hv thz for BREAKFST!!!!:.
.:blueberry cheese cake.. soooo yummyyy!!!!!:.

dan BANYAK lg!!!! 

So, hurry up... kepada yang berdekatan di area JB.... n yang mahu rasa kelainan :) n thz cafe gv good services n makanannya really presentable!!!
More infomation about the foods or any interviews may directly to MR CHEF

or here their websites

and again alamat coffee housenya 

Johor Bahru Campus

No. 1 Jalan Dato’ Onn 1,
Bandar Dato’ Onn,81100 Johor Bahru
Johor Darul Takzim

Tel: +6-07-360 1800

thats all for today....