Behind da scene with wonderful people..

Assalamualaykum .... 

woootttt... i terlepas my HFW may :'( sbb busyyy teramatttt..nevermind, hopefully ada chance next time.... hmmm... okay.. last few day, i was involved with wedding ceremony..as a official photographer utk majlis 2 hari 2 malam.... vee sgt terharu ada yg sudi membantu :)  sbb for sure, i admit.. i cant work alone for tht kind of event... so far alhmdllh, pengalaman sebelum mengajar vee utk well prepare... n at the same time sama2 belajar a new thng! hmmm almaklum, photographer perempuan kan limited edition di malaysia, jd vee suka if my assistnt tu girl.. so at the same time boleh bg dia semngat utk berkarya n yakin in future :) hmmmm.. lots thngs actlly, even like a boss during tht moment but vee turun padang juga utk shoot from diff levels n views... so alhamdullilah.. cover all small thngs:) yeay! thts make me happy... work with em is really full of joy but energetic! stll boleh gelak.but when a moment yg require protocol, we hv to act muchhhh behave during shoot... 

-here da simple candid picts-

 here i am...ladies photographer
 my energetic assistant :)
 candid by fariza
  candid by fariza during outdoor 


3 A.M


sighhhhhhh....lots of thngs happend on few weeks ago... n tons of work i have to settle.. more coming event to face.................... sumtimes, when get little tired, i will make fun for a little secs.. so i captured few elements @ my workin table..haha.. still a month i've stay here... so i will decorate my room slowly :) so still in early progress... just to mention a new table lamps plus note board whch pinned with my few artworks.... 

just Simple & cozy :)


HFW May Day #2: Favourite Hijab

Asalaamu Alaykum, gorgeous!

Yeay!!! FINALLY I can spent a few second  to join thiz HFW MAY 2012..Masyallah... I skipped the day One :'( because had ton of works! However... Today's theme is about one of my favorite items of clothing: my favorite hijab or i called turban.. i bought from my  buddies.. i love thz turban because of their design,comfortable, and colour! soo vibrant! so i mix with similar tone with the turban..

so here the simple review.... during sunset :)

Here,to highlight my fav turban <3
Alhamdullilah.. done update for HFW day 2 :) 

more creative ideas , u can direct view at hfw day two .... :)

Have a great day wonderful people<3

love, vee